Have you ever had someone question a word or phrase that you have used your entire life and never thought much of? Being Southerner married to a Michigander this tends to happen a good bit at our home. Yesterday, though, it happened at work. After announcing that the first 20 students to turn in their pledge forms for the Class of 2011 would receive a surcee, I was quickly questioned about the meaning of this word.  So, here you go:

A surcee is a gift for no reason. It is a “I saw this and thought of you” surprise. Or, “I thought you might need this” treat. OR, a “you made a commitment to the Class of 2011 gift” thank you.  Surcees usually aren’t expensive, just a little something.

According to the Charleston Cookie Company’s website, the act of giving a surcee is a Charleston tradition. They explain that no one quite knows the origin, but there is a Scots word, sussy, meaning to care. I have seen it spelled many ways – Surcie, Cercie, Sursee, Circi, Searcy, Sirsee, Surcy….BUT, however you spell it is just a little something  especially for you. It is giving without occasion – an unexpected gift

So, I guess it goes both ways, huh? Making a gift to the Class of 2011 Class Gift is just as much a surcee to the College as receiving a little “thank you” from us!

PS – We got another pledge form in yesterday – thanks Brittany Cauller! I have heard from 7 out of 76 members of the class of 2011. Do you think we can double that number by Friday?!


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